New Web Design Ideas for Music Website

For musicians and bands, music is a form of art that needs to be created and performed. On the other hand, the art is not meant to be kept confined in a personal space. Music has to be heard by millions out there and only then will musicians attain a semblance of popularity.

In the good old days, radio and TV broadcast snippets and chartbusters of new music to spread the message of new songs hitting the market. Not anymore! To be truly successful, musicians must have websites where all information including new and upcoming music can be easily accessed by both existing and potential fans. The importance of websites can be gauged from the fact that a single rises quickly up the charts only when it goes viral on social media platforms.

For that to happen, having a visually and aesthetically website that is designed to attract and hold on to the attention of fans is almost mandatory. Music can be a performing art but it has to be treated like any other business. There is big money involved and musicians should have a highly optimised site to reach out to listeners.

Given its importance, a lot of focus should be given to this factor and top agencies should be hired for website design and development. For example musicians in the state of Victoria, Australia should hire the services of a top agency specialising in digital marketing services in Melbourne for this purpose. It will definitely pay rich dividends in the long run.

There are no fixed design ideas for music websites. Each one should reflect the music and personality of the specific musician or band it relates to. However, here are a few new design ideas that can be tried out by budding musicians as well as those well established in this field.

  • Feature rich – A good performer deserves a good website as it reflects the brand he/she reflects. It should be stuffed with as much information as possible. Email address is a must and artists should make it a point to frequently check for emails and reply to them. There will then be a close bonding with those interested in the specific music and musician. This 2 way digital form of communication is necessary as fans can reach out to musicians at their own convenient time without having to attend concerts to get a glimpse of their favourite stars.
  • Gigs – Fans are always eager to see their idols close and upfront so it is natural that the website should have all relevant information about upcoming gigs. This should include the location, time, how to get there, tickets availability, ticket fees and door charges. A digital agency specialising in local SEO in Melbourne or wherever a concert is to be held should be contacted to optimise the website to meet local requirements.
  • Auto-play music on site – One of the latest creative web design ideas for music websites is to have the current album auto play as soon as a visitor reaches the site. There are two benefits to it. First the fans get to instantly hear the music as soon as they reach the site and secondly, they get to see their favourite live even if it is for a few minutes only. This theme has been well used by Billy Harvey on his website.

These are just a few basic ideas for a music website. Ultimately it boils down to the creative bend of mind of a music website designer and the personality and brand of the musician.