If there is one thing that strikes a chord in the hearts of almost all human beings, it is music. This is one reason why musicians and singers, at least the successful ones have demigod status in society. It is also why you will find hundreds of blog sites devoted to music, singers and performers and the latest from the world of entertainment.

However, it is generally seen that most sites have a specific line of focus and caters to a particular section of music lovers. There are ones that have all information about the rock or blues scene, the jazz events around the world or classical musical concerts. On the other hand, if you are looking for a one stop music site that can hold on to the interests of a large cross section of music lovers it surely has to be www.edwardtudorpole.com.

What do we have to offer that other musician and singer centric websites do not? For one, we consider the whole wide world of music as our stage and do not concentrate on any one aspect of it. Further, it is not the established entertainers that are our prime concern. We bring news, information and trivia from the concert and live performance industry even if the performers are at the initial stages of their career, struggling to gain a foothold on their profession.

However, we do understand the magnitude of this task. We do acknowledge that it is not possible to cover the wide spectrum of music all on our own, regardless of the size of our team. That is why we invite write-ups and contributions from serious bloggers who live, speak and breathe music and would like to share their passion with others.

Writers can start with any topic of their choice provided it is relevant to our niche. We would especially welcome the latest on promising and budding talent from the music industry, performing in small cities and towns around the world. Bloggers can also provide information on upcoming performances in their locations – concerts that do not figure in headlines in the press. Most importantly, we would like to have reviews of shows so that talent can be truly acknowledged by music aficionados, wherever they might be.

Our team reserves the right to make minor modifications to blogs submitted to us if required.